If you haven’t sat down to put a jigsaw puzzle together you are really missing out.  There are so many hidden benefits to jigsaw puzzles you just have to give it a try.

Kick back with a glass of wine and let your thoughts go.  It’s the perfect opportunity to let your mind wander.  With your brain focused on getting the right pieces to fit you will find yourself relaxing.  Shoulders are down, no more stressful contemplation.  You are keeping your eye on the prize, finishing the puzzle.  It’s a peaceful time and we could all use that!  You will be surprised with how relaxed you are and now you can really let your juices flow, your mind is ready to handle whatever life is dishing out. q

It might not seem like a big deal but starting and finishing a jigsaw puzzle helps keep you feeling good.  You sit down with a project and spend time working on making it all fit.  There is a pay off that you can see, a reward for your hard work.  You don’t flake out, you are committed to seeing this through.  Focus and voila!  It’s all done.  You started something and now it’s finished – that feels really good.  Jigsaw puzzles make you feel accomplished?  Yes, they do.

Choose a puzzle that visually turns you on.  If you are going to spend some time, it helps to like what you are working on.  Your favorite painting, your love for dogs or maybe you jive vintage logos – whatever your pleasure just pick what you love.  When you are all done – don’t be shy and frame the completed puzzle.  Show it off!  It’s a work of art and you know it.  And just like that you have another unique piece to hang on your walls

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