You don’t really want to decorate your home solely based on what is on trend today – trends change so quickly so keep your space true to you.  If you are not a wild risk taker, keep the walls neutral and add a pop of style with elements of fabric and color.  If combining red and fuchsia makes you smile – go for it and add some texture by mixing fabrics and eclectic styles.  Add those accents of color, style and yes, a bit of animal print goes a long way.  The key is to let your true self shine in your space – small budget or large get started with some changes….

Just saying the word “velvet” gives a feeling of being wrapped in luxury.  C’mon, say it, you’ll see what I mean.  Now imagine yourself sitting on a gorgeous hot pink “velvet” chair with your feet resting on a plush velvet ottoman.  Oh that is just too much!  I mean that in the best of ways of course…  If hot pink is not your thing no worries deep emerald green, rich blues or blush will definitely work too.  Don’t be afraid of the velvet said the girl who grew up wearing velour.  It’s feels great, looks awesome and adds a real look of unpretentious lux to your space.  Start out small and work your way up to that big chair but trust me once you get some velvet in your home it will be hard to stop.  And for those of us with fur babies that shed – yeah, keep them away from the velvet or get yourself a good lint roller.  Trust me.

THAT accent chair can say so much about your style – the color, shape and comfort speaks volumes.  So here is your chance to show off your wild side and add a bit of spice to your space.  A chair can add spice you say?  Check out the beautiful rich colors and chose what trend works for you and there you go, your room has a new look.  Neutral walls are screaming for help so add that pop of jewel tones or play with pastels, you won’t be disappointed.  Moroccan poufs add a flavor to any living space, chic and unique!  Beautiful supple leather in colors you dream of – have a seat or prop up those feet.  The perfect little accent of style you add to your space that adds comfort too.

ACCENT the positive and add a touch of you. It’s those little things around the house that really make it feel like home. Show your style with accents of wow so as not to overwhelm. End tables don’t exactly get you thinking of style but they should and they will. From throw pillows to wall art, end tables to wall mirrors – it’s those small touches of flair that add your flavor to your home. So don’t be shy and say what you have always wanted to say with your elements of style.

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