There are certain games that we played when we were young that are still fun to play.  You know the type of game that made you think a little, laugh a lot, get competitive.  We learned how to win and lose with our friends.  “Playing games”….  sometimes that is a good thing.  A great way to spend good quality time at home with family and friends.  Turn off the phone, hit pause on the video game and chill out with some great classic games.  We highly encourage a cocktail or two (if you are of legal age) before you get serious with Monopoly or Scrabble – talk about a game changer.  The goal here is to unwind, connect and have fun,  time flies fast when you are having fun! 

If classics aren’t your thing check out some of these new card games that really get you talking, laughing and having fun.   Family friendly versions are plentiful or check out all the fun consenting adults can have.  Great new ways to reconnect and bond without realizing it’s happening – sign me up.

Need to get your mind off your troubles?  No better way than to focus those thoughts on how you are going to win your next match of battleship.   Prepare yourself for a strategic game of Clue and believe me you will not be thinking of all those things that seem to be wrong at the moment.  A good game of Mastermind will refocus your mind and get it thinking in ways that sharpen your thoughts and give you juice.  Trust me – pick one and you will see how helpful it can be.  Enjoy.

Have kids, nieces?  Or maybe you want to just take a trip down memory lane?  These games are just good for the soul – they are simple in a pure fun kinda way and who doesn’t need a little of that vibe.  CandyLand can leave you with a sweet tooth worth having and who remembers Twister?  Seriously, the pure physical experience is just joy.  Don’t get me started on Operation, so much fun as a kid but this adult finds it super stressful, maybe better for you than me.  From Connect Four to Concentration try them all with some kids or without kids for those cocktail games worth reliving.

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