Books to love…

These books are so magically delicious they are just meant to be displayed and looked at.  Put them on your coffee table or shelf or work desk just make sure to open up and take a look.  Get inspired and venture to worlds you want to travel to, dream of those jewels you want to have and hold, see it presented in the most luxurious of ways.  Need a special gift?  What can be more special than giving or receiving a visual experience that makes you smile.  Truly the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates anything: fashion, travel, architecture, art and so much more to chose from.  Gift for yourself?  Cappuccino or Vino, sit back, relax and wrap your senses in a beautiful book.

FOR THE FASHION LOVER A beautiful book that illustrates the history and culture of your favorite luxury brand, is not just a beautiful book.  Opening the glossy pages and peeking into the world of Louis Vuitton can be a cathartic experience if you love fashion and who doesn’t appreciate the crazy beautiful world of luxury design.  If LV is not your thing try Chanel, McQueen or maybe Dior?  Are you an aspiring jewelry designer or maybe you just have a passion for jewels, there is nothing better than looking to the past for future inspiration.  Fashion or fine, those baubles are all just so gorgeous.  Dream big!

ART is the ultimate form of expression.  From sculpture to paining and everything in between the world of art is precious.  Published works on your favorite artists are a must have unless of course you have your favorite original hanging in your home.  Pop art, renaissance or perhaps a touch of modern is your thing – these books will delight and inspire you.  You are at home feeling a little bored and staring at you from the corner shelf is that huge book on the works and life of Andy Warhol.  You take the book in both hands and find a good spot on the couch with your feet propped up and a glass of your favorite beverage at the ready.  Not so bored anymore are you?  Feeling inspired by all that you see all that you learn.  It is truly amazing to see how art has permeated into all phases of our life.  Check out these artists you know and maybe some you don’t.  Get lost in in something fantastical and now life seems to have a new outlook.

GIFT IT for the perfect present. The most beautiful gifts given or received show love, they show you care. Not sure how to show someone you care? A gorgeous book filled with images will do the trick and it does it well. We all have our hobbies and interests and now more than ever we need to dream a little, get a little escape. Present that book on the Greek Islands to that friend who has been dreaming of travel or your significant other who is obsessed with Wines – the reaction is priceless. The joy a gorgeous book brings is immeasurable and that joy continues every time that book opens up. It’s something you don’t need but somehow once received it becomes so precious. And don’t just think of others, what do you love? Check out some of the beauty inside the pages…..

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