We all know the many benefits to using candles.  They add warmth to your space literally and figuratively, they offer the perfect touch of light and candles make relaxing easy – just good for the mood.  Tea lights, votives or pillars – spruce up your surroundings with them all and it will do wonders for your soul.

Now add a bit of scent into the mix.  You are home relaxing, working or just getting things done.  The power of Votivo is real and the scents range from fruity to musky – your choice, your vibe.  So now instead of just a pretty glow or some much needed warmth, your space has a scent of vanilla with a hint of amber.  Suddenly you notice your shoulders are relaxed, that glass of wine taste that much better or that spreadsheet you were working on wasn’t as annoying to accomplish as you thought.  Trust me, it was that 40 Hour burning red currant Votivo that hooked you up.

If you love your pets as much as we do your home will thank you for a few scented candles strategically placed around your space.  You might get used to that slight lingering smell of dog, cat and even fish tank but why get used to that?  If you smoke anything – I’m not here to judge but you better realize that smoke lingers and scented candles are your friend.  For those smaller spaces less potent versions will do the trick but if you want to cover a large space – use a few or invest in some of the better brands that have a higher scent saturation.  The key is not to mask a smell – if the odor is that strong it’s a sign that it might be time to do some cleaning.  What you want is just that hint of sandalwood.

Need a gift for that special lady friend?  Or maybe it’s for someone you know has pretty much everything already and just appreciates thoughtful.  The perfect scented candle is the ideal gift for him for her for anyone old enough to use matches!  We suggest Joe Malone if you want someone to squeal with delight plus it shows off that you have great taste.  You will be surprised what a special scented candle can convey in a gift, try it out.  You won’t be sorry.

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