You gorgeous thing you….  I ask you, what is life without a good mirror or two at the ready?  How fabulous is it to do a quick turn on the way to the living room and sashay your way down the hall – playing it out in the mirror, so much fun.  It feels so good.  If you don’t do this on the regular, you should.

I do believe that checking yourself often is key to having a good self esteem, look how hot you are?  It feels good to say that to yourself a couple of times a day as you walk by that full length mirror you have propped up just so in the corner.  You not only feel fabulous but lets face is that floor length mirror somehow makes your space seem that much bigger and brighter.  Double win. 

You can’t have too many wall mirrors, its just not a thing.  Framed to highlight your personal style or beveled for that chic minimal look.  Try it and you won’t be sorry.  Open up the space with the light that reflects off of that mirror perfectly hung in that spot where the sun shines during the day.  Go for Baroque or add some color the choices are endless so make a few.  Your space will be lighter and brighter, simply beautiful.  Just like you.

No home is complete without at least one handheld or vanity mirror.  Let’s face it we might not want to see ourselves that close up but we just have to!  Make sure the make up is blended well enough, trim whatever nose hairs you might not admit to having and don’t be afraid of those pores close up.  It’s your duty to take care of those little things that only you can see.  So get to work with some help from the right mirror.  Magnified with lighting is my suggestion but use what works for you, just please use something.  You’re welcome.

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