Whether you are having guests over or you are just sitting down to a meal with your family, the food tastes better when presented.  No need for a major production just some beautiful platters and bowls and you are all set.  Most of us have been spending more time at home and so we have been eating at home more often too.  Why not sit down to a meal served family style and help yourself to that tasty dish served up on a colorful dish that says “yummy”.  Sitting down to that meal you just prepared for yourself?  You deserve better than Mac and cheese from the pot!  Bowls make the meal so get a few that are worthy of your salad, your soup or your  popcorn.

Breakfast in bed is not only for special occasions, well at least not in our house.  No better way to say “you are loved” than some coffee and fresh fruit in the AM and all brought to you on a sexy tray.  Not just any tray, a white lacquer tray that shows off the red rose thrown on there.  It’s effective.  Rustic or glam whatever your vibe, if you don’t already use a tray you have to try it.  Martini’s or Tea, Champagne or Coffee – show up with their favorite and you will be amazed at how much lovin’ you will get in return.  Feels good.

Bar carts aren’t just cool in a retro kind of way they are also super functional and very chic.  Not just exclusive for your bar, these carts are a great way to serve your family and friends.  We keep bottles, cocktail shaker and an ice bucket on ours and when we need to start mixing – we wheel it out and serve.  If you and your family are about to sit down and watch an awesome movie, serve up some snacks or appetizers and keep them handy.  No need to make 5 trips to the kitchen and look great serving up movie night.  The options are endless so enjoy what works for you.


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